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    You have just reached the right place on the Web. Here you can solve all problems with translation between Russian and English languages. Relax, we are ready to translate everything you need. Count on us for quality, service, and delivery in time and within budget.

We have professionally trained translators for translation in any field, as well as many translators for one-time translations of too complicated special texts.

We are proud to offer you our English-Russian, Russian-English translation services. All our translators are native Russian speakers graduated English Language departments of Russian high schools. Some of our translators have backgrounds in other fields: technics, legislation, medicine, engineering etc.

We have professionally trained translators for any request. Technical documents are translated by translators with technical education, legal documentation is translated by translators with juridical education etc. If our translators have questions about correctness of their translation, they always consult specialists in the concerned areas: technicians, lawers, programmers etc.

All aforesaid explain variety of our services. Another useful feature of our services is our short turn-around time. It takes some hours to give you our exact terms for your order. Documents are mostly translated in 24 hours. It's especially useful for certified translations ( i.e. for visas ). We know that almost any visa request means deadline. We translate visa packages faster than our competitors, and we know the proper way of certification of such documents. Hundreds of translated Russian birth, marriage, divorce certificates and many other documents have already been accepted by the US INS.

Another interesting area of translation is translation of websites. It's not a simple work. We have specialists for all aspects of this translation. You can see ane of our finished works, a translated website, here. Our translators translate contents of websites, our engineers insert translated texts into the HTML code, our programmers translate graphics, scripts etc. We adjust translated sites to social and cultural features of Russian audience. As a result of joint efforts of different specialists, our customers obtain reliable Russian versions of their sites. We prepare sites for the Russian segment of the Web and provide our clients with promotional services in Russia on request.

We have qualified specialists for translation of any technical, scientific, medical documents (see Technical translation). Our technical translators have backgrounds in different technical areas and great experience. If we have no translators for a tricky technical translation on our staff, we know whom to ask for help. We have a lot of translators for one-time translations. They are specialists in different complicated areas of translation. That's why our customers are always satisfied.

We provide services of high quality, but our prices are not high at all. Translation of documents is quoted by number of words in them. Our regular prices start at $0.03 per word for simple texts. Translation of Russian documents for visas costs $9 per page. Naturally, translation of a complicated technical or legal documentation can't cost $0.03 per word, but in any case our prices are extremely competitive. We accept payments right at our website (see Payment. It's convenient and secure. Thus, everything is done for convenience of our customers!

Documents are accepted and delivered via email as attachments in any format. We can even restore damaged documents. You can use our US fax (215) 243-8247.

Our ; US fax: 530-684-8712

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